Windows and Rough-in

Our younger daughter has been visiting us this week.  She is attending grad school in another state.  This is the first chance we have had to show her the progress on the construction.

We offered her and our older daughter brunch at the Imperial Hotel (including Bloody Marys) to go out to the building site this morning.  My wife was not feeling well so the three of us went.  We arrived at the hotel around 10:30; they were quite pleased with the Bloody Mary “salad bar”, and the brunch was a success.

We walked around town a bit.  It was hot, but otherwise a pleasant Sunday.  We got iced coffees at Play It Again Sam and headed to the lot.

I was pleased to see all of the windows were installed, and surprised that much of the rough-in work had been done for the electrical, plumbing and heating systems.  The windows make the house exterior look closer to being finished.

The showers and tub had been installed as part of the rough-in work.

The south-facing window wall in the great room looks very impressive with the windows installed.

We did note a couple of issues.  The shower in the master bath is supposed to be tiled, but they had installed a one-piece fiberglass unit.  I’ll bring that up with the builder tomorrow.

After spending a while wandering through the house, we went back into town.  I had promised my daughter we could check out the used book store.  We also went into the organic food store to get a snack and drinks.

We ended up spending most of the day, and did not get back until late afternoon.  All in all it was a great day.

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