Walls, walls, walls!

I got an E-mail confirmation from the loan administrator that they had paid the builder.  I forwarded the message to him; he responded yesterday that he had received the payment, and also that they had started work on the exterior walls.  We planned to drive out after work today.

They have made quite a lot of progress!  All of the first-floor exterior walls are up except for the garage, and most of the interior walls are up as well.  This really gives us a good feel for the arrangement and flow between rooms.  The family room, kitchen and breakfast room is a nice open space, and that’s where we’ll be spending most of our time.

We did note a few areas that need to be corrected; for example, there are a couple of interior pocket doors that they did not frame for.  At first we thought the window openings looked overly square, but we did verify on the plan that they are correct.  None of the corrections will be hard to make.  My wife wrote notes on the framing where changes were needed.

In any case, these are minor issues, and the framing looks terrific.  As the project started on June 1, this brings us to the end of Month 1.

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