Visit with a Friend

One of our good friends proposed a visit to and celebration at the lot.  My wife was not feeling well, so it was just the two of us.  We left right after work.  Traffic came to a standstill at the bay bridge toll; there was an accident at the other end of the bridge that had traffic stopped.  We waited maybe a half-hour to start moving again.  Hopefully this was not a preview of our daily commute.

We got subs and a six-pack to take to the lot.  There was not a lot of progress since last week.  There were a couple of long steel beams sitting in the front yard, and blue lines on the footers that indicate where the foundation walls will sit.  My friend was thrilled to see the construction underway, and I explained the layout of the house using the footers.  We toasted with a couple of beers, and stayed until dark.

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