Updated Completion Date

We had scheduled a meeting with the builder for this afternoon to review the remaining work to complete the house and some details that we wanted to bring up.  I had a work-related trip this week, and got in this morning on a red-eye flight, so was not the most alert.

My wife left work at lunchtime and we got to the site a few minutes before the builder.  We were delighted to see the spiral staircase from the foyer to the loft was in place!  It is wrought iron and looks terrific.  At last we can easily walk up to the loft without bringing a ladder.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera due to my jet-lag, so I have no picture to show.

We had hoped to also see the stucco finished, but there was no progress on that.

The builder arrived and we went over all of the points, plus some he had.  Too many to list, but suffice it to say we got everything resolved.  We then discussed the schedule.  He plans to have it done on December 2.  We explained that we really need to move in the week of December 5, because it would be hard for my wife to take off work the following week.  That means we need the occupancy certificate in time for the move.  He agreed that he could get that done within a few days of the house being finished.  We also talked about some things we plan to bring out this weekend, including stuff we currently have in storage.

He mentioned that one of his model homes nearby was furnished with pieces from Pottery Barn, where my wife had found some of our pieces as well, so we drove over to check it out while the model was open.  We found a few thinks we liked, including a mirror for the powder room, and made some notes for future reference.

We were both tired, and have a busy weekend planned, with Thanksgiving coming up, so we had early dinner and headed home.

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