The Desk and Study

In an earlier post I mentioned the rolltop desk that we had had restored, and picked up after we moved.  This desk had been my grandfather’s, and I got it about 15 years ago.  At that time we got an estimate to have it restored; the veneer was shot in a couple of places, and the finish was not in good shape from sitting in unconditioned space.  However, we never followed up, and I cleaned the desk as best I could and used it until mid-last year.

When we were ready to put our old house on the market, we rented a storage cubicle to put stuff so we could de-clutter.  We decided to move the desk into storage, since it was a bit large for the bedroom it was in.  We also decided to go ahead with the restoration while the desk was “between houses”.  We had it picked up late last Summer, with the idea that it would be done shortly after we moved.

As luck would have it, both the desk and the house took longer than expected.  The restorer called shortly after we moved to tell us it was ready.  We left work early the Friday before Christmas to pick it up.  Our son was home for the holidays and would be able to help me carry it into the house and set it up.

We put the desk in the study, which is at the front of the house.  The restorer did a great job, and the desk looks really good!  I set our computer up on it, for when I need to work at home.  I have a view out the front of the house and toward the Chester River from the window to the right of the desk.

We also have a day bed in the study so we can use it as an overflow guest room, and we have put up some shelves and pictures.


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