Start on Stucco

Yesterday I had to go out to the site first thing in the morning to meet the man who measured for the window shades.  We’re getting pleated shades in the great room and foyer, and Roman shades in the loft.  We won’t actually have them installed until after we move in, but we needed to order them well before that.

When I got out there, a couple of guys showed up.  At first I thought they were there for the shades, but it turns out they are the stucco installers.  Finally!  Unfortunately it was very windy, and they were not sure how much work they could get done.  They started working in the courtyard.

The shade guy showed up a few minutes later.  He was done in about 20 minutes, and after that I left to go to work.

Today after work we decided to drive out to see how much of the stucco work was done.  We hit traffic at the Severn River bridge (of course!), and got to the lot shortly before sundown.  There was some black paper installed in the courtyard and one back wall of the house, but that was about it.  Well, it’s a start.

Afterward we went to Louisa’s and got hot subs to take out.  The subs were a bit messy to eat while driving, so we parked down by the river to eat.  Not a bad spot for a casual dinner.



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