Slabs and Spackle

We had planned to drive out after work today.  Our work days were interrupted unexpectedly at 1:50 PM by the magnitude 5.8 quake in central VA.  We both felt significant shaking during the quake, and were evacuated from our buildings.  My wife was able to re-enter her building after about 40 minutes.  However, my building, at Goddard, was not officially re-opened this afternoon, and the center declared “Code Red” (closed to non-essential personnel) at 3:10.

I left work, and my wife decided she could leave too.  Of course, everyone else was leaving at the same time, so traffic was congested.  As they said on the radio, it was like a winter storm without the snow.  We went home to make sure everything was OK.  Aside from a few things fallen from shelves and pictures askew, no problem.

When we got to the lot, we found the concrete slabs had been poured for the courtyard and porches.  They look great!  Especially the courtyard, which is really well-defined now with the slab.  It will look even better when it is finished with the stamped concrete.

The drywall finishers had also started on the taping and spackling.

My wife was hungry for a hamburger.  We weren’t sure where the best place would be, but I knew there was a pub on High Street that we had not tried yet.  Sure enough, they had a good selection of  burgers on the menu, not to mention Guinness Stout and a variety of ales and lagers.  We will definitely be going back.

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