Shingles, Insulation and Drywall!

We left work a bit early and drove out to the site with a couple of friends.  They have made so much progress since our last visit Sunday!  The roof shingles were completely installed.  The color (Dusky Clay) looks as good as we had hoped.  The underlayment for the stucco was also being installed.

The insulation had been completed in the exterior walls and part of the ceilings.

The drywall and exterior trim installers were at work, and still working when we left.

I was actually not expecting the drywall to have started yet.  One recommendation I had received from two different people was to take pictures of the wiring and plumbing locations in all of the walls before they were closed in.  I missed doing this for a number of walls.  I did get pictures of as many walls as I could that were still open.

In any case, it all looks great, and our friends were very impressed.  I need to submit the third draw request.

We went to dinner at the Fish Whistle.  It was a beautiful evening, unusual for mid-August.  We sat on their outdoor deck and watched the Moon rise over the Chester River.



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