Second Floor Roof

We decided to drive out to the lot early this morning, to miss the shore traffic crossing the Bay Bridge.  We had no trouble getting there, although traffic on the Rte. 50 side of the 50/301 split was already backed up.

When we got to Chestertown around 9, the Saturday morning farmers’ market was in full swing.  This is one of the many things we are looking forward to when we move; this market is held in the downtown Fountain Park every Saturday except in the winter months.

The second floor trusses were up, and some of the sheathing.  The roof looks good with the wider overhang, so I’m glad we made that decision.

The crew was not at work, so we were able to walk around inside.  Having the roof on gives a much better sense of the size of the rooms.  The framer had also completed the arches on the side porch, which look good.

As we drove back toward the bridge, the backup we had seen earlier extended past the Kent Narrows bridge, so we were glad we came early.

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