Rte. 50 Detour

We drove out to the lot this morning.  We heard on the traffic report that Rte. 50 was closed from the 50-301 split to Rte. 213, and that traffic was being detoured on 213.  When we made the exit from 301 onto 213, traffic was backed up on 213 as far as we could see, waiting to make the left turn onto 301 South.  Fortunately that did not affect us.  On our way into Chestertown we looked for the tall ships that were there for Downrigging Weekend, but apparently they were all out sailing.

The only progress on the house since my trip out on Wednesday was that the flue enclosure had been taped and spackled.

My wife also got to see the work I had done on the bookshelves. 

We got sandwiches at Sam’s for lunch.  In spite of the unseasonably cold weather, there were quite a few people outside in town.  A number of the parking meters were decorated with scarecrows.  As we left town, we finally got to see the tall ships, which had returned.

When we got to Rte. 301, there was still a backup on 213.  According to the traffic report, the backup extended all the way to the intersection of 50 with 404.  301 was also backed up a couple of miles from the merge with 50, and we waited in traffic for about 20 minutes.  I can only imagine what that would have been like on a typical Summer Sunday.


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