Rough-in Nearly Done

My wife and I drove out this morning to check on the progress.  I had not been out since last Sunday, and her last visit was well before that.

It looked like they were nearly done with the rough-in.  All of the recessed light fixtures had been installed.  The box and flue for the gas fireplace were also in place. 

It looked like much of the prep work for the insulation was done as well.  The roof ventilation baffles had been installed in the eaves, with batts under the baffles.  The windows and outlet boxes were covered with plastic sheeting.

Unfortunately my camera batteries died after only a couple of pictures.

We stopped at the New York Kosher Style Deli in Chestertown for lunch.  We had not been there before.  My wife grew up in North Jersey, so is very familiar with this kind of place.  They have quite an extensive sandwich menu, and we will definitely go back.

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