Roof Trusses Delivered

We had planned to visit my family in PA the weekend of June 25 & 26.  My older sister lives in the house we grew up in, and my brother and other sister live nearby.  We decided to stop at the lot on our way north Saturday morning.

When we got to the bridge and past the toll, traffic had pretty much come to a stop.  We heard on WTOP that there was a disabled vehicle in the right lane heading east.  It took most of a half-hour to get moving again.

One more surprise on the way: when we got to the Chester River bridge they were getting ready to open the draw span.  This is the first time in all of our trips to Chestertown that we have ever seen them open the bridge.  The span is actually pretty low, so anything much higher than a rowboat can’t get by without it being opened.  There was a sport-fishing boat going through, one with the pilot deck up high.

The only change at the lot was that the roof trusses had been delivered.  I took a few pictures and we were on our way.  We made it to my sister’s in time for lunch.

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