Primer and Paint

One of my co-workers wanted to see the house.  We arranged to meet him and his wife for brunch at the Imperial Hotel this morning.

Also, the painter had called my wife and told her he would leave paint samples in each room for us to approve the final selections, in time for the weekend.

After brunch, we went out to the site.  The painter had primed all of the walls, and all of the windows and floors were still covered, which made the place look sort of ghostly inside.

The painter had taken all of the interior doors off and lined them up in the master bedroom to paint them, which looked kind of cool.

A couple of colors were on the wrong walls, so we left sticky-notes.  Also, we decided the color we picked for most of the kitchen was too bright, so we chose a lighter shade.

After our visitors left, I took measurements in the loft for the bookshelves I’m going to build.  The timing is kind of tricky; at least the base of the shelves needs to be in before the carpet is installed, but the baseboard is already in and some of it will need to be removed.  I also want the wall behind the shelves to be painted first.  I need to call the builder next week to coordinate this.  Tomorrow is Columbus Day, which I have off, so I’m planning to buy the wood and start cutting it to size.



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