Paint on the walls!

Yesterday evening we finalized the selection of all of the lighting fixtures that we had not chosen yet.  It took quite a while (there are a LOT of lights!).  My wife sent the information to the builder’s office this morning.  We planned to leave work early today and drive out to the lot.

I talked to the builder at mid-day.  I wanted to coordinate a time when I could start to install the bookcases in the loft.  He told me that the kitchen cabinets would take longer to be delivered than planned, so the house completion date would now be in November.  That will delay our move, and also took some of the pressure off for getting the bookcases done.  I plan to go out one afternoon next week to install the base; that way the carpet can be put in any time after that.

In spite of getting a good start, we still hit a slowdown before the Severn River bridge, and did not get to the house until after six.  We still had some daylight left.  The painter had finished all of the interior walls.  The colors we chose looked great!  The kitchen with the accent wall is very striking.

The warm shade of grey we used for the great room and hallway looks really good with the brick wall.

We were also pleased with the bedrooms.  Here is the master bedroom.

In addition to the paint, the tile floors had been installed in the bathrooms.

Afterward we went to Sam’s and got sandwiches.  They were also serving wine, and I had a glass of organic Cote de Rhone.  There was still a fair-sized crowd when we arrived, including some groups at the tables outside.  The town in general was lively on a Friday evening.


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