Overhang Hangover

OK, I promised to report on both the good and not-as-good.  This week we had a minor bump in the road.  Looking at the overhangs on the installed trusses, it seemed to me that they were wider on the plans.  I asked the builder when I was out on Tuesday, and he said that they had spec’d their standard 12″ overhang when they ordered the trusses.  Later on he E-mailed me to acknowledge that that the plans showed 24″ overhangs, and that they would correct that.

I thought about it, considering that they had already sheathed part of the roof and what would be involved in adding extension at this point.  My wife and I looked at the pictures I took on Tuesday.  With the interruptions in the roofline, the narrower overhand actually looks OK.  The one thing I was concerned about was the shading of the second-floor south-facing windows in the summertime, which would work better with the 24″ overhang on the second-floor roof.  Since the roof trusses weren’t installed yet on the second floor, extending the overhangs there would not require any rework.

I called the builder yesterday to discuss this.  He re-iterated that the wider overhangs were in the plan and they were willing to make the corrections.  I pointed out that we thought the first floor looked fine, and asked what he thought about just using wider overhangs on the second floor.  He responded that this would work well from a design standpoint, and we agreed to leave the first floor roof as is and just do the extensions on the second floor.

We also discussed the window and door grilles again (see July 12 post).  The windows have already been ordered with grilles, white on the inside and colored on the outside.  The French doors could not be made to match the windows, so he recommended getting the doors without grilles.  Given the placement of the windows and doors, we agreed that this would not look mismatched, and approved this change.

Even though this issue of the overhangs came up, I appreciate that the builder was prepared to make the correction, no questions asked, and that we were able to negotiate a reasonable solution.  In the end, we think the house may look better with this change.

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