October Snow

Snow in Maryland in October, for Pete’s sake!  According to WTOP, this area had not had snow in October in 30 years.

Technically this has nothing to do with our house construction, of course, except that we had planned to drive out this morning, and decided not to because of the weather.  This morning it was just raining and chilly.  It actually did start to snow here mid-afternoon, big wet flakes that started to stick to the grass.  We heard that the northern and western areas, as usual, got some actually accumulation.

This also affected the Sultana Downrigging Weekend, which had a lot of events planned for today.  I got an E-mail that the public sails on the tall ships were cancelled because of high winds, and I can’t imagine too many people would have showed up in the cold rain.

Early this evening I heard on the radio that there were power lines across Rte. 50 at the Queenstown outlets, and they were diverting traffic in both directions.  This would be past the 50-301 split, but it still might have affected northbound traffic.

In any case, we’re planning to go out tomorrow morning instead.

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