Moving, Stage 1

We got permission from the builder to move some things to the basement and garage before the house was finished.  We planned to empty the storage cubicle and also move most of the stuff from the attic.  Some of our friends had offered to help today.  I reserved a 14′ U-haul truck.

I picked up the truck just after 9 this morning, when the rental place opened, and headed over to the storage facility.  My wife waited at the house for our friends and brought them over.  There were two couples, plus one son, so we had plenty of help.  We emptied the storage cubicle with no problem and room left in the truck.

We headed back to the house.  I had brought a bunch of stuff, mostly Christmas decorations, down last night.  We also had boxes with things we had bought for the new house and left in the garage.  We filled the rest of the truck, and one of the couples had a trailer that they towed with their SUV, and we had all of the cars.  We got everything loaded by just after noon and headed to Chestertown.

Our friends had not seen the progress on the house in quite some time, so of course we had to give them tours.

We had bought three large shelf units to put in the basement, so the next order of business was to set those up.  There are still no lights in the house, but we had enough light from the windows to work by.  While we were doing that, my wife took sub orders for lunch and went to pick them up.  She got back just as we were finishing the shelves.

By the time we finished unloading everything, it was 4:30.  We took the truck to the drop-off location on the north side of town, and headed to the Fish Whistle.  No one was hungry yet since we had lunch late, so we had drinks, appetizers and desserts.

We were exhausted, but it felt really good to get some things moved, especially with the full move just over two weeks off.


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