More Stucco and Bookshelves

I planned to take the afternoon off to do more work on the bookshelves in the loft.  As luck would have it, I did not get away from work when I wanted, and had a couple of things to do on the way, so did not get out to the site until mid-afternoon.

There was one man working on the outside of the house, covering the rest of the walls with black paper and attaching the wire mesh for the stucco.   There was also a pallet of bags of stucco mix.  He asked me where the water supply was.  I told him there was no running water on site yet.  I called the builder’s office and asked what they were supposed to use for a water supply.  The assistant called me back and said the well tank was installed and they could get all the water they wanted.

I had not seen the tank in the basement, but remembered the builder had said it would be in the crawl space just off the basement to save floor space.  We went down into the basement (pretty hard to see with no lights, but one window is unblocked) and looked into the crawl space, and sure enough there was the well tank with a hose attached.  I managed to spray myself testing it.  Problem solved, except we need to make sure they have access to the basement.  The fellow went back to work on the mesh.

After that I finally got to work on the shelves.  I got most of what I wanted done by the time I ran out of light, which was to get the supports, the uprights and the base of the face frame in place.  I’d like to get more done, but there is enough now for the carpet to be installed, and that’s probably a couple of weeks off.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera, so no pics.  Next time!


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