More Progress on Stucco

We had to pick up our car from the dealer in Annapolis after work today, so we decided to drive out to the site afterward.  We arrived just after sunset.

We were pleased (and a bit surprised) to see the stucco crew still hard at work.  They had completed the base coat on most of the house, and were trying to finish it before they left, even though they were rapidly running out of light.  The foreman told my wife that they were planning to do the finish coat tomorrow.

The base coat has no color, just gray, and it has a rough, grooved surface, presumably so the finish coat will adhere well.  Unfortunately I left the camera in the other vehicle, so I have no pictures to post.

We’re going to try to get out again over the weekend to see the stucco (hopefully) completed.  I’ll remember the camera this time!

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