Joists and Subfloor

The builder had E-mailed me that the joists and subfloor were being installed today.  We drove out to the lot after work with one of our good friends.  Sure enough, the entire first floor deck was completed.  This really made it easier (for me, at least) to visualize the rooms.  Also, the backfilling around the foundation walls was completed.  I explained the materials to our friend — wooden I-beam joists and 3/4″ OSB T&G subflooring.

This was the first construction loan draw point — joists and subfloor completed — so I will need to contact the builder and arrange to get the draw request submitted.

We stopped at the Fish Whistle restaurant for dinner.  The restaurant sits on the Chester River and has an outdoor deck, so we decided to eat outside.  It was warm and humid, but still delightful sitting and looking at the sailboats on the water.

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