Hurricane Irene

With Hurricane Irene moving up the coast, we drove out to the lot early yesterday morning to make sure everything was secure.  The rain had not started yet.  We moved a few things into the garage and put some trash into the dumpster.  The builder had covered the doorways in the courtyard.  I was a bit concerned that the North-facing front door opening was left open, since winds were supposed to come from that direction, but it is under the porch, and in any case there was nothing we could do since I did not think to bring tools.

The Saturday AM farmer’s market was still going on in Fountain Park in spite of the storm threat.  We dropped by and picked up a few items.

The builder also needed us to pick out the brick for the interior wall.  My wife had contacted Chestertown Brick and Tile earlier in the week.  They were closed that morning, but had agreed to leave samples for us to pick up.

Then my wife got hungry, so we drove up to the Village Bakery on the north side of town.  They have a neat little cafe and were serving breakfast, so we decided to sit and eat.

As we were leaving it was just starting to rain, and the breeze was picking up.  The drive home was not too bad, although it was decidedly windy by the time we crossed the Bay Bridge.  We got home just after noon and hunkered down to wait out the storm.  We spent the afternoon and evening mainly watching the rain and the weather reports on TV.  In the evening the winds started to pick up and the lights flickered a few times.  We heard on the radio that they had closed the Bay Bridge because of the wind.

The winds roared for much of the night.  We lost power for about a minute at one point, but that was it, so we were really lucky.  By this morning the winds had abated to normal levels, and the rain had pretty much stopped.  No signs of damage, but the yard is a mess with branches down and leaves everywhere.  We’ll wait until this afternoon to see if the Sun comes out, and start cleaning up then.

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