Home Stretch!

We left work at lunchtime to drive out to the site.  I needed to work on the bookshelves, and my wife wanted to put some things in the kitchen cabinets.  I also asked a friend to help with the shelves.

When we got there, multiple crews were at work.  The excavator was pretty far along with the septic system.

The stucco was completed, including the second floor.

The builder was there, and the electrician and the cleaning crew were also hard at work.  The heating system was installed and running,  the propane tank was buried outside of the house, the countertops, faucets and drains were installed, and all of the lights were working.  Finally, we were able to work after dark!

We talked to the builder about the remaining items.  There was crushed stone on the driveway.  He said that the final paving could not be installed in the cold weather.  He also told us that the stamped concrete installation would require a couple of days of warmer weather, which hopefully we would get soon.

We had made an appointment to have the water tested that afternoon.  The man from the water treatment company arrived shortly after we did.  Not surprisingly for a well, the water is hard, and we bought a softener.

My friend and I got to work on the shelves, and my wife worked in the kitchen.  With two of us working it went much faster, and we got all of the shelves cut and installed.

Our move is scheduled for Tuesday.  Almost there!


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