Today the builder broke ground for our new house in Chestertown, MD.  This is a momentous occasion for us, the culmination of over four years of planning.

Almost every man has an attraction to heavy equipment in operation, but nothing beats the thrill of watching them excavate for your own house.  I was ecstatic!  They were a bit late getting started; it was stinking hot, a sweltering day at the end of a string of them, unusual even by late May/early June norms; and I was sweating like a pig; but nothing could spoil the mood this morning.

It was also wonderful watching the teamwork: the builder, the excavator, his helper, and the backhoe operator, all carefully choreographed, every one knowing his part and enough about everyone else’s to keep the whole process moving forward, seemingly without a hitch.

We had just signed the papers for the construction loan yesterday afternoon, and celebrated by driving out to the lot and photographing the layout stakes newly set by the builder.

I’m taking lots of pictures, of course, but I have also decided to capture the progress in this blog.  Good or bad, setbacks and all, it’s going in.  As I said, we’ve been working on this project for over four years, with roots going back even farther, so in between the real-time updates I’m going to recount the past steps that led us to this point.

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