Framing Complete!

The builder asked to meet us at the lot to review the completed framing and discuss the electrical plan.  We agreed on 1:30 this afternoon. Yesterday, his office E-mailed the request for the second loan draw.

We knew we wanted to rework the electrical plan from what was on the blueprints.  My wife got some large tracing paper, traced and then marked up the plan.  We moved, added and removed lights and outlets.  We also did not like the way the light switches were laid out.  She then transferred the markup to another copy of the plans.

We met the builder as scheduled, on what happened to be one of the hottest days so far this year.  There was a bit of a breeze, but standing out in the sun was pretty much unbearable.  Fortunately the framed-up house looked terrific.  The front and rear porch roofs and the storage shed were completed, and the roof was completely sheathed.

The builder gave us a couple of sets of stucco colors to choose from .  We also picked colors for the window trim, soffit and fascia.  We reviewed the electrical plan, and discussed the choice of light fixtures and ceiling fans.

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