Flashback — The Builder, part 2

In January 2010, we went to dinner with a group of friends, and met the sister of one friend, who it turned out lives in Kent County.  She highly recommended the builder that had rebuilt her house.  We met with him and were immediately impressed with his overall approach and his knowledge of specific items that we were interested in.  For every point or question that we raised, he had a ready response.  We felt comfortable working with him from the start.

He showed us a house under construction and another that was completed.  One other strong point was that his schedule for completing construction is about four months, compared to about nine for the other builder.  This will save us quite a lot of interest on the construction loan.

He submitted his first bid shortly after our first meeting.  It was still above our budget, but it was nicely structured and detailed, with a basic cost figure plus all of the additional costs for our add-ons and other options he thought we might want to consider.  This made it easy to figure out what we change to get the cost down.  In mid-summer 2010 we made our decision to go with this builder.

He had more ideas for saving us money.  He recommended a supplier for flooring that would help to reduce costs, and we chose our tile and carpets.  He also recommended some good roofing products.  By early 2011 we had converged on a specification and a cost that we could afford.

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