We had planned to go out to the lot with a couple of our good friends and celebrate the start of construction.  We bought a couple of bottles of prosecco for the occasion.  We picked up our friends and drove out to Chestertown for brunch at the Imperial Hotel.  They have a Bloody Mary Brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

After brunch we  drove out to the lot.  I was quite pleased to see that the forms had been removed from the foundation walls. Also the basement slab was poured, and there was a vapor barrier and gravel in the crawl space, and waterproofing on the foundation walls.  Not only that, but a lot of the framing material had been delivered, including floor joists, subflooring, studs and wall sheathing.

The neighbors came over and we toasted the progress with prosecco.  We gave everyone a tour of the foundation, showing them where all of the rooms would be.  The weather was hot, but a breeze came up and we were sitting in the shade, so it was not too bad.  Our friends and neighbors were all very impressed with the progress that the builder had made in only a week and a half.

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