Bricks and Steps

We drove out after work today.  We didn’t get away early, and hit the usual slow-down approaching the Severn River bridge.  We’ll need to time this drive better when we’re doing it every day.

The bricklayer has made good progress on the wall in the great room.  It looks terrific!  We’re really happy with the color choice we made.

The steps have also been poured at all three porches.  My wife was particularly happy about this; at last she can get into the house without climbing!

In addition, the rear porch ceiling was installed, and the arches trimmed out.  It all looks great!


On a different note:  the builder E-mailed me earlier this week.  Because of the weather, they were delayed starting the stucco, which is part of the 4th loan draw.  The drywall — the other major element of this draw — has been done for almost three weeks, so he asked about a partial draw.  I asked the loan officer, and she responded that they would send an inspector and see how much could be paid.  So we need to submit the next draw request.

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