Bookshelves in Loft

I had to meet a delivery at the site this afternoon, so I decided to get started on the installation of the bookcases in the loft.  I had cut, primed and painted a number of boards for the base and sides.  I loaded everything in my truck, along with my tools and ladder, before I left for work so I could drive straight out from work.

I left work late morning and got to the house just before 1.  The delivery arrived shortly afterward.

I had to carry the boards up the ladder to the loft, which took a while.  Before I could start installing I had to remove the baseboard that was already in place and painted.  That seemed to take a long time also.  The walls were painted also, and I was trying not to damage the drywall.  I also had to cut the baseboard on the end walls where it will meet the bookshelves.  I did that with my backsaw, which did a nice job but was very slow.

I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped.  I did get everything measured and marked, and put up a few boards.  It was getting on toward 6 when I decided to quit.  I’ll need to take at least another half-day off to finish up.  Fortunately the carpets aren’t going in any time soon.

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