Appliances and Lights!

My sister and her friend were visiting us for Thanksgiving, and our younger daughter was also home from grad school.  All of us drove out this morning so we could show them the progress on the house.

There was a painter working on the exterior doors when we arrived.  We were also pleased to see that the oven and microwave had been installed in the kitchen, along with one of the countertops, the sink, and the door and drawer handles.

Most of the electrical finish work was also done, including ceiling lights and fans, wall switches and outlets.

I also got a shot of the spiral staircase from the foyer to the loft.

Everyone was very impressed with the house.  My daughters had seen it in the summer, but it was the first time my sister had been there since construction started, so of course we had to show her every room, as well as walk around the outside.

We went for lunch in Chestertown afterward.  We walked around the town a bit to find a place, and settled on the Hotel Imperial.  We headed back to the Western shore after lunch.




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