Another brick pic

My wife’s hairdresser moved to Kent Island years ago, so she has been trekking across the bridge to get her hair done for quite some time.  She had an appointment for this evening, so we decided I would drive her out and then continue on to Chestertown to check the progress on the house.  The traffic through Annapolis was normal for a change, so we had no trouble getting across the bridge.

At the house I could not see that much of anything had been done since last Saturday.  While I was there I took another pic of the brick arch from the foyer, with flash this time, as my last shot did not turn out.

I also had to pick out a stain for the fiberglass front door, which is textured to look like wood.  I came up with a color that would go with the trim and porch floor.

On the way back I picked up sandwiches at Higgy’s for our dinner.  It’s a pretty handy place on Rte. 213 between Chestertown and Church Hill, to grab takeout or a quick bite.


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