After the Rain

We had gone away for a long Labor Day weekend, so had not been to the house site in over a week.  It started raining on Tuesday, the day we came home.  It rained hard all week; we got almost as much rain in the first week of September as in all of August, including Hurricane Irene!

This afternoon it cleared up, so we decided to drive out after work.  We did not get a great start and hit traffic coming into Annapolis, so it was getting dark by the time we got to Chestertown.  It was pretty wet and muddy around the lot.

Not a lot had been done to the house, which did not surprise us because of the rain.  One thing that had been done was that some blocks were laid in the great room floor to support the brick wall.

Afterward we felt like eating something besides subs or pizza.  We knew there was a little Italian place in one of the shopping centers north of town.  It turned out to have a rather nice menu with a decent wine list.  My wife had a scallop-and-shrimp combo, and I had calimari.  We also had a couple of glasses of montepulciano.  This place is definitely worth a return visit.


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