One Year Anniversary

This is the one-year anniversary of the construction loan, and also of this blog.  I haven’t posted in months, but felt this date was worth recognizing.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of our groundbreaking.

There are a couple of reasons I haven’t kept up with posting.  One is that I got really busy with work during the winter.  Mostly, though, I just ran out of news-worthy items.

The house does look quite different than when we moved in.  We have furniture in the great room that was mostly empty when we started.  We’ve also unpacked almost all of the boxes and hung a bunch of stuff on the walls.

The outside also looks very different.  Our straw-covered mud field now has grass, at least in most places.  We planted three crape myrtle trees that we bought last Summer in the back yard, and recently we bought a dogwood tree from a local nursery and had it planted in the front.  Last weekend we bought more trees and shrubs to plant in the back.  I need to get some pictures to post when everything is in.

One thing that has kept us pretty busy is selling the old house and clearing out the stuff we had not moved yet.  We had put it on the market last July.  We had a few visits but no offers through the end of the year.  We were surprised that people starting looking again almost right after the holidays.  We got an offer in late January that we were able to negotiate to a contract with a closing date in late March.  It seemed to be going well, and they had a home inspection done.  Then, they came up with a (we thought) lame reason for backing out of the contract, and the house went back on the market.

In the meantime we were making regular trips to the house to load up odd and ends and move them.  We had left the garage mostly unmoved back in December.  In mid-March, our friends with a cargo trailer helped us move the large and heavy garage stuff.  We still kept finding things in closets, drawers, cabinets, etc.

Then, we got another offer in early Spring.  It was for more than the first one, and we accepted without countering  We were more cautious than before, and were waiting for something to go wrong again.  They also had a home inspection done, and came up with a long list of items to be fixed.  We discussed this with our realtor and came back with a counter-list.  Fortunately we and they were able to come to an agreement on this.  I started working off the list of items.

The last remaining hurdle was their loan approval.  The buyers had pre-qualified, but there was still the house appraisal.  We were ecstatic when the appraisal came in at the contract price.

The closing was scheduled for last Thursday.  We were still finding things to move (seemed like it would never end!), and I was working the last few items off of the list.  The night before closing I was there well into the evening finishing up.  We made one more stop Thursday morning to pick up a few items that I did not have room for the night before.

Closing came off without a hitch, and we got our check.  We celebrated at the pub that evening, and deposited the check the next day.  Now we just need to complete the refinancing of the construction loan, but that will be a topic for another post.  Sorry for such a wordy post without pictures; I will have some the next time.