First Snow!

The first significant snowfall of the season is always an occasion, good or bad depending on the circumstances.  In this case, it was also the first snow at the new house.  It was just a coating, and had already changed to freezing rain by the time I got up, but at least it covered the ground and stuck to the trees.  I was also pleased to see the snowplow come through our street before mid-morning; I hope that bodes well for future storms.

Here is the view from the back yard:

I thought the pine trees that separate us from our next-door neighbors looked nice:

Here you can see the little crape myrtle trees that we planted at the back of the lot after we moved in.

This will melt pretty fast as soon as the temperature rises above freezing, which it almost is now; but for the moment it’s covering our mud and straw, and looks nice.


The Kitchen

Once again I see that I am overdue for a new post.  Too much going on — work was very busy the last couple of weeks.

We had put a lot of thought into the kitchen layout, selection of appliances,etc.  In the end you really don’t know how it will work until you have used it for a while.  Well, I can say without reservation that our new kitchen is great!  Here is what is now looks like with our things.

The double oven is a marvel — it has a touchpad with all kinds of settings — for example, you can tell the Culinary Center what kind of meat you are cooking and how you want it done, and it will walk you through the process.  I used this for our rib roast on Christmas Eve and it came out perfect.

The gas cooktop took some getting used to.  I have not cooked on gas in many years, and I overheated a few pans before I got the hang of it.  Still learning, but I’ve pretty well figured out which burners and settings to use.  The downdraft vent works well also.


The work table is every bit as useful as we thought it would be.  It is perfectly located and sized for getting stuff in and out of the refrigerator and prepping for the cooktop.  It’s also really handy having the drawer and shelves underneath to hold things we use a lot.  I’m glad we didn’t make it longer as we had considered, because it that would have made it hard to get between the sink, cooktop and oven.

Finally, the view from the window over the sink is great.  It’s hard to see in the picture, but we can see the Chester river past the neighbor’s trees.

It”s also really nice having the kitchen and breakfast room open to the great room.  We love this kitchen!