Stucco Finish Coat

We drove out to the site this morning so I could do more work on the bookshelves.  We were not expecting to see any changes since Friday.  We were surprised, and very pleased, to see the stucco crew out working on the finish coat!  They already had much of the first floor done when we got there.  We were delighted with both the color and the texture of the stucco.

The crew was still working when we left early in the afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day, especially for November.  We could have easily spent the rest of the afternoon in Chestertown, but we had leaves to rake at our current house, so we grabbed sandwiches and headed back.  It seems almost surreal that we are planning to move in just nine days.


Appliances and Lights!

My sister and her friend were visiting us for Thanksgiving, and our younger daughter was also home from grad school.  All of us drove out this morning so we could show them the progress on the house.

There was a painter working on the exterior doors when we arrived.  We were also pleased to see that the oven and microwave had been installed in the kitchen, along with one of the countertops, the sink, and the door and drawer handles.

Most of the electrical finish work was also done, including ceiling lights and fans, wall switches and outlets.

I also got a shot of the spiral staircase from the foyer to the loft.

Everyone was very impressed with the house.  My daughters had seen it in the summer, but it was the first time my sister had been there since construction started, so of course we had to show her every room, as well as walk around the outside.

We went for lunch in Chestertown afterward.  We walked around the town a bit to find a place, and settled on the Hotel Imperial.  We headed back to the Western shore after lunch.




Moving, Stage 1

We got permission from the builder to move some things to the basement and garage before the house was finished.  We planned to empty the storage cubicle and also move most of the stuff from the attic.  Some of our friends had offered to help today.  I reserved a 14′ U-haul truck.

I picked up the truck just after 9 this morning, when the rental place opened, and headed over to the storage facility.  My wife waited at the house for our friends and brought them over.  There were two couples, plus one son, so we had plenty of help.  We emptied the storage cubicle with no problem and room left in the truck.

We headed back to the house.  I had brought a bunch of stuff, mostly Christmas decorations, down last night.  We also had boxes with things we had bought for the new house and left in the garage.  We filled the rest of the truck, and one of the couples had a trailer that they towed with their SUV, and we had all of the cars.  We got everything loaded by just after noon and headed to Chestertown.

Our friends had not seen the progress on the house in quite some time, so of course we had to give them tours.

We had bought three large shelf units to put in the basement, so the next order of business was to set those up.  There are still no lights in the house, but we had enough light from the windows to work by.  While we were doing that, my wife took sub orders for lunch and went to pick them up.  She got back just as we were finishing the shelves.

By the time we finished unloading everything, it was 4:30.  We took the truck to the drop-off location on the north side of town, and headed to the Fish Whistle.  No one was hungry yet since we had lunch late, so we had drinks, appetizers and desserts.

We were exhausted, but it felt really good to get some things moved, especially with the full move just over two weeks off.


Updated Completion Date

We had scheduled a meeting with the builder for this afternoon to review the remaining work to complete the house and some details that we wanted to bring up.  I had a work-related trip this week, and got in this morning on a red-eye flight, so was not the most alert.

My wife left work at lunchtime and we got to the site a few minutes before the builder.  We were delighted to see the spiral staircase from the foyer to the loft was in place!  It is wrought iron and looks terrific.  At last we can easily walk up to the loft without bringing a ladder.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera due to my jet-lag, so I have no picture to show.

We had hoped to also see the stucco finished, but there was no progress on that.

The builder arrived and we went over all of the points, plus some he had.  Too many to list, but suffice it to say we got everything resolved.  We then discussed the schedule.  He plans to have it done on December 2.  We explained that we really need to move in the week of December 5, because it would be hard for my wife to take off work the following week.  That means we need the occupancy certificate in time for the move.  He agreed that he could get that done within a few days of the house being finished.  We also talked about some things we plan to bring out this weekend, including stuff we currently have in storage.

He mentioned that one of his model homes nearby was furnished with pieces from Pottery Barn, where my wife had found some of our pieces as well, so we drove over to check it out while the model was open.  We found a few thinks we liked, including a mirror for the powder room, and made some notes for future reference.

We were both tired, and have a busy weekend planned, with Thanksgiving coming up, so we had early dinner and headed home.

More Work on Bookshelves

We drove out to the site this morning so I could do more work on the bookshelves in the loft.  I had primed and painted the top shelf boards and trim.  I got all of those done, along with the face trim pieces on the vertical boards.  I think they’re starting to look pretty good.  All that is left is the bottom and middle shelves, and then woodfill, sand and repaint.