Rte. 50 Detour

We drove out to the lot this morning.  We heard on the traffic report that Rte. 50 was closed from the 50-301 split to Rte. 213, and that traffic was being detoured on 213.  When we made the exit from 301 onto 213, traffic was backed up on 213 as far as we could see, waiting to make the left turn onto 301 South.  Fortunately that did not affect us.  On our way into Chestertown we looked for the tall ships that were there for Downrigging Weekend, but apparently they were all out sailing.

The only progress on the house since my trip out on Wednesday was that the flue enclosure had been taped and spackled.

My wife also got to see the work I had done on the bookshelves. 

We got sandwiches at Sam’s for lunch.  In spite of the unseasonably cold weather, there were quite a few people outside in town.  A number of the parking meters were decorated with scarecrows.  As we left town, we finally got to see the tall ships, which had returned.

When we got to Rte. 301, there was still a backup on 213.  According to the traffic report, the backup extended all the way to the intersection of 50 with 404.  301 was also backed up a couple of miles from the merge with 50, and we waited in traffic for about 20 minutes.  I can only imagine what that would have been like on a typical Summer Sunday.


October Snow

Snow in Maryland in October, for Pete’s sake!  According to WTOP, this area had not had snow in October in 30 years.

Technically this has nothing to do with our house construction, of course, except that we had planned to drive out this morning, and decided not to because of the weather.  This morning it was just raining and chilly.  It actually did start to snow here mid-afternoon, big wet flakes that started to stick to the grass.  We heard that the northern and western areas, as usual, got some actually accumulation.

This also affected the Sultana Downrigging Weekend, which had a lot of events planned for today.  I got an E-mail that the public sails on the tall ships were cancelled because of high winds, and I can’t imagine too many people would have showed up in the cold rain.

Early this evening I heard on the radio that there were power lines across Rte. 50 at the Queenstown outlets, and they were diverting traffic in both directions.  This would be past the 50-301 split, but it still might have affected northbound traffic.

In any case, we’re planning to go out tomorrow morning instead.

More Stucco and Bookshelves

I planned to take the afternoon off to do more work on the bookshelves in the loft.  As luck would have it, I did not get away from work when I wanted, and had a couple of things to do on the way, so did not get out to the site until mid-afternoon.

There was one man working on the outside of the house, covering the rest of the walls with black paper and attaching the wire mesh for the stucco.   There was also a pallet of bags of stucco mix.  He asked me where the water supply was.  I told him there was no running water on site yet.  I called the builder’s office and asked what they were supposed to use for a water supply.  The assistant called me back and said the well tank was installed and they could get all the water they wanted.

I had not seen the tank in the basement, but remembered the builder had said it would be in the crawl space just off the basement to save floor space.  We went down into the basement (pretty hard to see with no lights, but one window is unblocked) and looked into the crawl space, and sure enough there was the well tank with a hose attached.  I managed to spray myself testing it.  Problem solved, except we need to make sure they have access to the basement.  The fellow went back to work on the mesh.

After that I finally got to work on the shelves.  I got most of what I wanted done by the time I ran out of light, which was to get the supports, the uprights and the base of the face frame in place.  I’d like to get more done, but there is enough now for the carpet to be installed, and that’s probably a couple of weeks off.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera, so no pics.  Next time!


Start on Stucco

Yesterday I had to go out to the site first thing in the morning to meet the man who measured for the window shades.  We’re getting pleated shades in the great room and foyer, and Roman shades in the loft.  We won’t actually have them installed until after we move in, but we needed to order them well before that.

When I got out there, a couple of guys showed up.  At first I thought they were there for the shades, but it turns out they are the stucco installers.  Finally!  Unfortunately it was very windy, and they were not sure how much work they could get done.  They started working in the courtyard.

The shade guy showed up a few minutes later.  He was done in about 20 minutes, and after that I left to go to work.

Today after work we decided to drive out to see how much of the stucco work was done.  We hit traffic at the Severn River bridge (of course!), and got to the lot shortly before sundown.  There was some black paper installed in the courtyard and one back wall of the house, but that was about it.  Well, it’s a start.

Afterward we went to Louisa’s and got hot subs to take out.  The subs were a bit messy to eat while driving, so we parked down by the river to eat.  Not a bad spot for a casual dinner.



Bookshelves in Loft

I had to meet a delivery at the site this afternoon, so I decided to get started on the installation of the bookcases in the loft.  I had cut, primed and painted a number of boards for the base and sides.  I loaded everything in my truck, along with my tools and ladder, before I left for work so I could drive straight out from work.

I left work late morning and got to the house just before 1.  The delivery arrived shortly afterward.

I had to carry the boards up the ladder to the loft, which took a while.  Before I could start installing I had to remove the baseboard that was already in place and painted.  That seemed to take a long time also.  The walls were painted also, and I was trying not to damage the drywall.  I also had to cut the baseboard on the end walls where it will meet the bookshelves.  I did that with my backsaw, which did a nice job but was very slow.

I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped.  I did get everything measured and marked, and put up a few boards.  It was getting on toward 6 when I decided to quit.  I’ll need to take at least another half-day off to finish up.  Fortunately the carpets aren’t going in any time soon.