Another brick pic

My wife’s hairdresser moved to Kent Island years ago, so she has been trekking across the bridge to get her hair done for quite some time.  She had an appointment for this evening, so we decided I would drive her out and then continue on to Chestertown to check the progress on the house.  The traffic through Annapolis was normal for a change, so we had no trouble getting across the bridge.

At the house I could not see that much of anything had been done since last Saturday.  While I was there I took another pic of the brick arch from the foyer, with flash this time, as my last shot did not turn out.

I also had to pick out a stain for the fiberglass front door, which is textured to look like wood.  I came up with a color that would go with the trim and porch floor.

On the way back I picked up sandwiches at Higgy’s for our dinner.  It’s a pretty handy place on Rte. 213 between Chestertown and Church Hill, to grab takeout or a quick bite.


Paint Colors

We had to pick paint colors for all of the rooms.  We had the Sherwin-Williams color samples that the builder had given us.  We also had the tile and carpet samples to work with.  The range of color choices was bewildering, at least to me.

My wife had a pretty good idea of what she wanted for the main living spaces, the dining room and master bedroom.  The great room, foyer, loft and hallway are all the same color.  The kitchen has one bold accent wall, similar to the color of the brick, and another color for the other walls.  Our children had ideas about what colors they wanted in the bedrooms. We ended up choosing 10 different colors.

We were concerned about the number of colors we chose and whether that would exceed the builder’s paint cost estimate, but we heard from his office later in the week that we were within budget; great!

Tile, Doors, Trim & More Bricks!

We had not not been out to the building site in over a week.  We needed to meet with the builder to go over a number of things.  We had to go out of town Thursday evening and returned Friday evening, in a downpour.  We set up the meeting for 9 AM this morning.

Chestertown turned out to be unusually busy this morning.  Not only was the Farmers’ Market in full swing, but the Half-Marathon was this morning.  The route was laid out along Quaker Neck Road, and there were competitors and support groups everywhere.

The builder was at the lot when we got there.  There was so much done inside!  The tile was completed everywhere except the bathroom.  We were really pleased with our choice and how it looks.  It was mostly covered for protection, so we pulled up a corner to get a picture.

The interior doors were also installed, along with most of the window and door trim and the baseboard.

The brick wall in the great room was completed.

The garage doors and openers were also installed.

We went over a number of items with the builder.  We settled on the design of the enclosure for the fireplace flue (visible above the brick in the picture) and on the supplier for the kitchen cabinets.  We also resolved an issue with the main bathroom sink and specified the locations of the floor outlets.

The wells for the water and the geothermal heat pump had also been drilled.  The exterior still needs to be completed.  The stucco contractor is behind because of the rainfall during the past month.

We discussed the schedule for completion.  He is now planning for the third week in October.  This will still give us plenty of time to move before Thanksgiving.

The build needs our choices of paint soon.  He went with us to the Sherwin-Williams store in Chestertown so we could get a full set of samples.  The marathon was still in progress, and we passed a number of runners on our way to town,

On our drive back, we discussed our moving schedule.  At this point it looks like the first week in November will work.

All in all, we were very pleased with the outcome of the meeting and the progress that has been made.


Bricks and Steps

We drove out after work today.  We didn’t get away early, and hit the usual slow-down approaching the Severn River bridge.  We’ll need to time this drive better when we’re doing it every day.

The bricklayer has made good progress on the wall in the great room.  It looks terrific!  We’re really happy with the color choice we made.

The steps have also been poured at all three porches.  My wife was particularly happy about this; at last she can get into the house without climbing!

In addition, the rear porch ceiling was installed, and the arches trimmed out.  It all looks great!


On a different note:  the builder E-mailed me earlier this week.  Because of the weather, they were delayed starting the stucco, which is part of the 4th loan draw.  The drywall — the other major element of this draw — has been done for almost three weeks, so he asked about a partial draw.  I asked the loan officer, and she responded that they would send an inspector and see how much could be paid.  So we need to submit the next draw request.

After the Rain

We had gone away for a long Labor Day weekend, so had not been to the house site in over a week.  It started raining on Tuesday, the day we came home.  It rained hard all week; we got almost as much rain in the first week of September as in all of August, including Hurricane Irene!

This afternoon it cleared up, so we decided to drive out after work.  We did not get a great start and hit traffic coming into Annapolis, so it was getting dark by the time we got to Chestertown.  It was pretty wet and muddy around the lot.

Not a lot had been done to the house, which did not surprise us because of the rain.  One thing that had been done was that some blocks were laid in the great room floor to support the brick wall.

Afterward we felt like eating something besides subs or pizza.  We knew there was a little Italian place in one of the shopping centers north of town.  It turned out to have a rather nice menu with a decent wine list.  My wife had a scallop-and-shrimp combo, and I had calimari.  We also had a couple of glasses of montepulciano.  This place is definitely worth a return visit.